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Teklife Volume 1:
Welcome to the Chi

"Footwork's truest masterpiece" - Spin Magazine

Teklife Volume 2:
What U Need

"Best juke release of the year..." - FutureFlavor FM

Teklife Volume 3:
The Architek

"Brilliant, futuristically funked" - Boomkat

I'm Fine

"A sonic world unto itself" - Tiny Mix Tapes

The New Klassiks

"The best Jersey club mixtape ever" - Dazed Digital

I'm Fine Part II

Out Now


Free to Download

DJ Marfox:
Lucky Punch

Out Now

The Club Night

Flyer Gallery

An extensive archive of flyers from past Lit City raves.


Interactive music video for Visionist's "Escape" off I'm Fine. Designed to be viewed on the Oculus Rift.

Lit City TV

Lit City Trax has partnered with the UK's Don't Watch That.TV to release exclusive content.